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It is a very big world out there with a lot of people.  The odds are in your favor that you will eventually find someone who can be the perfect combination of what you want in a partner, someone you are attracted to, and someone who has the same type of mind set as you too.  However, since there are so many people all across the globe, it can be tedious and stressful to try to find this ideal person when you have to be at the right place in the right time with your eyes and heart open to receive them.  The frustrations brought about by this common scenario is intense to say the least and able to cause you to lose your mind at the worst.  Therefore, many people have been able to harness the connective powers of the Internet to create specialty dating websites which will help you in your search without causing you to go bonkers in the process.  Of course, like any online business, they do require you to pay for their services.  If you go about online dating in the right way, you will obviously research your options before diving into your wallet to retrieve your credit card.

Aussie Match Maker is an online dating website that focuses mostly on regional matches and localized dating so that you can find what you are looking for without having to renew your passport.  The site itself is only open to people who are currently living in Australia, meaning that you can find the Aussie man or woman of your dreams which does not require you to leave the country just for a single date.  Wanting to offer a total dating service, the site offers special live event nights that features speed dating or just fun gatherings at a bar or on an evening cruise in addition to its database of matches.  The majority of members who sign up for Aussie Match Maker are looking for friendship or long term relationships, but the site does offer a special adult oriented section which features a chat room for those looking for some frisky fun.

While the site claims it is free to join, you are required to pay to access any real features like advanced search options, video chat, and sending messages to anyone with whom you have a match.  The price for monthly membership is relatively equal to most other Australian oriented dating websites at $37.95 for one month, but the real problem comes in the form of membership numbers.  Since the site itself is rather new to the online dating game, they only boast about 14,000 members according to reviews—which is rather puny when you are digging around Australia for the perfect man or woman.  Aussie Match Maker is really trying to break into the dating website market, but only time will really make the case for it being worthy of such a hefty monthly cost or not.

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