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People are very primal and basic creatures, contrary to what morally stuck up individuals want you to believe.  Sometimes there is nothing more wonderful and amazing that a sultry and sexy hook up with a few fun and wild dates including some sweet action in the sack or getting straight to the main event in the bedroom.  However, meeting strange people in bars or clubs does not necessarily mean you will be able to arrange these types of events.  This is where dating websites come in handy—particularly if you are already in a committed relationship or if you are in a swinging couple.  The Internet has really become one of the best places to find the perfect partner for a rough and tumble time in bed possibly coupled some nice occasions out on the town or even a more stable relationship situation if that is what you are seeking.  The only issue is that many websites have capitalized on the fact that many people need their services and use the online world to help out with their dating needs.  Therefore, it is best to investigate these sites before you start investing your money.

The Australian based dating website of known as Red Hot Pie is one of the specialty sites for those who are wanting to get busy Down Under.  Red Hot Pie is a new band of dating websites that focus on having a wild time without having to be bound by commitment.  You can easily find a way to hook up and get you a little something with the help of the database and tools on Red Hot Pie.  This site focuses mostly on people who are looking for on the side fun as opposed to singles, to the point of even discriminating against single men in particular.  The basic membership (which does not allow for much) is free.  You can send a few free flirts and see who has logged onto your profile to check you out, but any real messages you send or if you want to receive any messages from someone will require you to pay for a regular membership.  Yet, the regular membership is can rather expensive at 52AUD per month.  You can wait for certain specials throughout the year to pay the lowest fee for membership as possible, but the only real issue after that is the fact the site continues to charge on automatic membership renewal without any notice or prior authorization if you choose to pay by credit card.

Also, there are many moderated female profiles used to bait guys into the website, which means you might be speaking to one of the executives at Red Hot Pie that sends out timed flirt replies at the same time every day instead of a real woman.  Australia’s Product Review website reports numerous users complaining of these types of profiles being used as “bait to attract single guys.”  Another draw back of this particular site is the moderation on the website.  You can quickly be banned without any prior warnings or notices or any sort of appeal system in place.  A ban issued is permanent and does not include even a partial refund.  Overall, Red Hot Pie can be a decent place for a woman but can be downright evil to any men.

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