Taking Over the Outback?

It is easy to become frustrated when night after night you go out looking for your perfect match to find nothing but disappointment and no money in your bank account from the costs of going out to bars and taverns every weekend evening and buying drinks for people who end up being duds.  Enter online dating!  The idea seemed revolutionary and can help you weed out people without being forced through the awkward and tedious conversations, unwanted drinks, and costly dates that lead nowhere.  The concept of online dating websites has proved to be such a great and successful one that many people are trying to jump on the bandwagon in forming their own online dating websites that will help you out and help them make a little bit of money as well.  Since money is very tight these days with costs rising all across the board, you will want to be very careful which online dating site you choose to get into bed with as signing up and getting a monthly membership means you will be stuck with their services at least for a little bit—no matter how good or how bad the site might end up being.  Research and investigation about whichever dating websites you are looking into are considered to be very helpful steps into getting the most bang for your buck. is really one of the first true online dating websites that was catered specifically for single people who want to make a connection with someone that will result in a long term relationship and hopefully will be true love.  They are considered to be the pioneers of online personal ads and the website franchise alone has made a rather large profit over the years in addition to its many success stories of people finding forever happiness through their website and its associated tools that help you find the one who is really right for you instead of Mr. or Ms. “right now” as the saying goes.  Their huge success in the United States obviously led them to expand just like any profitable company would, making their next target Australia.  While the Australian website focuses primarily on letting you find local singles who are looking for what you are searching for yourself, the site open up to possible long distance and even foreign connects as well for a relatively reasonable fee of AUD $39.95 each month for membership.

The real issue with is not in the foreign connections though.  While other online dating websites try to restrict the number of fake profiles that they use to bait your interest, seems to specialize in the making and marketing of fake profiles.  While originally you might see a number of people in your local area, investigating the specific profiles leads you to to dead ends.  One disgruntled user even reported to that offers more “profiles of women living on Christmas island than there are in the entire Island population”—despite the claimed safeguards against such profiles.  You end up paying a lot of money for a lot of baloney.

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