Is It For You?

The online world has come up with some pretty handy inventions that help you in your daily life—such as a website focused on telling your local weather forecast without having to wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the news or search engines that can quickly help you find information needed for work or projects.  Where the Internet has really found its sweet spot in our modern lives though is through human connection, however odd it might seem for a computer technology to be helping us make new friends and relationships which is something that mankind was supposed to be doing for a long while without the help of the Internet.  No matter the randomness, it is true that networking people together is one of the Internet’s best uses.  This fact means that multiple online dating websites are popping up like weeds with each one trying to both help and hinder you.  They want you to make connections with other people, but they also want to make a large profit in separating you from your money.  Therefore, it is considered to be a smart move to check out reviews or specifics on these websites first before you pull out your credit card.

Eharmony has established a pretty enthusiastic following in the United States where it originated.  Since it originally was so successful, the company thought it to be a smart and logical move to spread its proven online dating website to other countries.  Thus, was born just for Australia and the singles who want to have their own piece of a special relationship without the horror of going to bars and clubs night after night just to meet random intoxicated people.  Since the website is rather new in terms of Australia specific dating helpers, the number of members signed up are relatively low in comparison to the sites which actually started out in Australia as opposed to this one who simply spread there.  The monthly membership fee is quite reasonable with basic monthly membership starting at AUD $19.95, but coupled with the fact there are so few Aussies actually logged onto this version of Eharmony means that you might not be getting enough satisfactory connections for your money.  You can take the personality test and review possible matches for free, but as with all online dating websites, contacting someone is going to cost you—which is where the membership subscription comes into play.

Also, since the personality test and ability to review other people who have taken the quiz are such popular attributes, many run into the problem of matching with someone they would like to contact who is not already a paid member.  Therefore, as noted by, you see someone who you might have a connection with and is attractive to you but are stuck waiting for them to fork over the monthly subscription money just to begin communication since you can “only communicate with other single members who have paid for a subscription.”  Another common draw back is in the form of their complaint and customer service lines of communication.  Australia’s Eharmony apparently has a habit of brushing off your concerns with a standard statement requesting that you be patient while waiting for your possible match and of course while they are still collecting their monthly money from you.

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